Blake Buratt Fitness
Personal training and kickboxing.

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As a fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, kickboxer, model, and personal trainer, I have been able to see and learn a lot throughout the years. For me, working out started when I was 14 and from there I had gotten into boxing and different martial arts. I started really getting into bodybuilding when I was 21 back in 2011 and have been using bodybuilding techniques since. I have made amazing transformations myself and I have helped others make amazing transformations and reach incredible goals . As a trainer I offer online training and programs,1 on 1 training, group, and martial arts training. I also offer plan building, diet and nutrition plans, and pretty much any exercise plan there is. I am willing and able to do it all. I have worked for years in fitness training, bodybuilding,  in construction,as a model, in retail, marketing, and the medical field and do have a bachelor's degree in human medicine to combine with my certifications. I assure you, I have seen clients from all walks of life and I can and have helped them all, I can help you too.


Also, I am can do at home training and go to you with no extra charge. Contact me today and we can get you where you have always wanted to be.